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Geekstrum #17 – Cave of Blunders

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, we chat about Aladdin, constantly getting names, dates, and information wrong, all while still sniffling and chirping. Herald the Return of the Geekstrum Maelstrom and a brand new segment: Kyli’s Corner!

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Geekstrum #16 – And Now Our Pod Has Ended

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, which despite the name is not the actual end of the channel, we’re still sniffling up a storm, or maybe that’s just us holding back tears, as we talk about the series finale of Game of Thrones !

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Geekstrum #15 – The Even Longer Pod

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, it’s still allergy season, the smoke detector is still chirping, and we talk for even longer about possibly the most upsetting episode in Game of Thrones history!

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Geekstrum #14 – The Looong Pod

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, it’s allergy season, Frankie used the wrong mic, the smoke detector is chirping again, and we talk for longer than ever about the longest episode in Game of Thrones history!

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Geekstrum #13 – A Pod of the Seven Kingdoms

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, the battery finally died in the smoke detector, so these hot takes might burn your house down without you even knowing? We talk about the latest Game of Thrones entry that’s about a close to a bottle episode as we’re ever gonna get.

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Geekstrum #12 – A Pod Has No Name

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, Anthony and Frankie would like to remind you to check your smoke detector, because we think we hear it. Also maybe upgrade to one that detects Carbon Dioxide? Oh yeah, and Game of Thrones Season Eight premiere, that’s in here too.

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Asterixar Retrospective

We’ve reached the end of our journey and the Asterixar crew is taking a look back on where we’ve been. We’ll discuss the best and worst that Pixar has to offer along with the definitive rankings of all the features. All that plus some Asterixar specific rankings from all the content we’ve covered. It’s been a wild ride full of laughter and tears but all good things must end. Maybe we’ll meet again in the future but for now, so long partners!

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Cars 3

Life’s a beach and then you drive! That nonsensical motto sums up Cars 3 perfectly. Come join the Asterixar pit crew as we break down a needless sequel to a needless franchise. Plus we get into talks about Larry the Cable Guy’s saved mp3 files and the return of Johnny English! It’s our last Pixar movie to discuss for a long time so enjoy it while you can. Shout out to Humpy Wheeler!

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Incredibles 2

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Asterixer Men back to talk about Incredibles 2! We’re joined by Geekstrum’s Frankie to talk about the latest and greatest installment in the super franchise. We also touch on some of the themes of the movie like toxic masculinity/fandom and living in a world of stunted adolescence. With all that we still find time to talk about alien octopuses and what a transistor even is. But don’t worry, we talk about the adorable Bao short at the end. This episode has it all!

[Spoilers at 24 minutes. Bao talk at 1:15]

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Geekstrum #11 – Two Men and a Wookiee

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, we welcome Scott into the strummers fold and also find a way to somehow only talk about a new Star Wars movie for two hours… for the second consecutive pod. Shocking no one at all, Geekstrum is back from a totally planned “hiatus” to bombard you with nonstop rambling about everything from poorly defining pansexual to shinning a light on the upcoming Detective Pikachu film.

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