Hello and welcome to another week of mostly bad looking films. Next week is that Star Wars thing though, let’s just think about that!

Office Christmas Party
Perpetuating the myth of the wild and crazy office christmas party, instead of the reality where everyone stands around awkwardly making small talk for an hour until some hero finally breaks the “first to leave” stigma and the rest of us are free to go. The most amazing thing about this movie is that it took three people to come up with the story, and three different people to actually write the screenplay.

Miss Sloane
Some sort of ineffectual-liberal fantasy where a D.C. lobbyist is the superhero that fights for stricter gun control. I don’t know. Jessica Chastain seems like she’s giving a solid performance though.

Limited Releases

La La Land
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in a musical about the struggles of making it in the entertainment business. Those two are generally likable and the film has a warm/pleasing look to it, so I might enjoy this to some degree despite it being a musical. It’s written and directed by Damien Chazelle, whose previous film (Whiplash) was pretty good. Tentatively mildly interested.

I’m just going to quote the YouTube comments on this one, because they already nailed it:

In this era of demonetization, it is my responsibility to make sure that you guys don’t spend any of that sweet cash on this mediocrity. So here goes. A wild guy and a equally wild girl meet in a party. they hookup and have some wild fun. the girl then reveals that she’s been hurt before *ohsosad*. Guy is also okay with that. they meet and trade pleasures. then drift apart briefly when one of them falls for the other. then realise that they can’t stay away from each other’s lively company of non stop libido and get back together to stay blessed in the only way that they can.

– Manjunath Srinivas

The Bounce Back
Author of relationship self-help books falls for a therapist that criticizes him at one of his seminars. There’s much turmoil over how different they are and how it can’t possibly work. And Bill Bellamy is there, constantly making the face in the header image.

Harry Benson: Shoot First
Documentary about a photographer that is most famous for his photos of The Beatles, but also took photos of other people/things.

Sugar Mountain
Two brothers need to make some money fast and their brilliant scheme is to plan a hoax where they go missing in the Alaskan wilderness, then sell their survival story when they return. What could go wrong?