“I know you don’t respect me.. you got every right not to. Respect God! Respect your mother.”

This and other memorable lines will be delivered this week in theaters, so make sure to get out there! But first, take a quick peek at what you can expect to see.

Power Rangers
You’d have to remind me how the original Power Rangers origin story went, but here it is depicted as a perfectly diverse group of teens going through super-puberty. The villains are big and dumb looking, as they should be. Honestly, this trailer makes the movie look as appealing as a Power Rangers movie in 2017 could look.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds do a space bro rivalry thing while some amorphous alien life form does the Trump grip-lock handshake of doom with Ariyon Bakare. This movie could potentially go somewhere interesting but will probably be a big dumb action (with a little bit of sci-fi) thing.

Which was asked for less: a CHIPS revival in 2017, or a Dax Shepard movie career revival in 2017? Doesn’t matter, we’re getting both in one movie! The weird thing is… it looks alright? I mean, I didn’t even want to but I lightly giggled at some point in this trailer.

Limited Releases

The poster for this movie is reminiscent of What About Bob? or any random comedy you’d skim over on the shelves of a 1990s video rental store. Woody Harrelson’s character is also reminiscent of Bob, in that he’s an annoying aspbergery guy that has no concept of personal boundaries. However, this film is not about conquering neuroticism, it is instead about reconnecting with family. Which is not funny, by the way.

Slamma Jamma
A genuinely horrible looking film about the healing powers of street basketball. Don’t see this movie. But do watch this trailer, because the acting and music choices are fucking hilarious.