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Month: April 2017

New In Theaters 4/28/17

Not too much happening in theaters this week. Emma Watson stars in a movie about circles or something, Lionsgate counts on the Hispanic audience keeping their turd afloat, and a couple smaller releases that maybe someone somewhere could possibly want to see (but probably not).

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New In Theaters 4/21/17

There’s a lot coming out this week folks… and none of it looks particularly good. We’ve got some limited release movies from last year making their way to screens, an awards bait film that’s coming out way too early in the year and another beautifully shot nature documentary that is once again narrated by… Jim from the office? Just another case of an unqualified white man taking over a job vacated by a charismatic black man.

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New In Theaters 4/7/17

There are SO MANY movies coming out this week. Most of them are only in select cities and/or on streaming services. Rest assured, I skimmed through all of these trailers and if you don’t see any of these films you’ll probably be alright.

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