Not too much happening in theaters this week. Emma Watson stars in a movie about circles or something, Lionsgate counts on the Hispanic audience keeping their turd afloat, and a couple smaller releases that maybe someone somewhere could possibly want to see (but probably not).

The Circle
Somebody watched Black Mirror, thought to themselves “I could do that”, and set to work writing a highly derivative screenplay (okay it’s based on a book by Dave Eggers so let’s just blame him). Emma Watson stars in this film about a company that believes the world is a better place under constant surveillance. Not in a police state way, but in a bowing to constant social pressure sort of way. Tom Hanks is in this too, so it won’t be completely unwatchable. But still, it’s the kind of film that nobody will ever bring up again after this weekend.

How To Be A Latin Lover
How To Be A Blatant Stereotype. Ken Marino, world’s unfunniest person who has made a career of being frequently adjacent to actually funny people, directs this film about a man that marries a rich old woman and then they split up so he goes to live with his sister, where his Lothario lifestyle conflicts with her family values and he just can’t stop getting into trouble, oh boy!

What if we combined street magic, superhero powers, and a “caught up in the gang life” movie of the week all in one? I’ll tell you what you’d get: this movie.

Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion
Bollywood! Silly haircuts! Choreography! Bad special effects!