There’s a Pixar movie this week! I’m a fan of any Pixar movie that’s released because it gives the lads over at Asterixar another podcast to recor… wait, this is a Cars movie? The third one?! How is that possible.

Cars 3

Following in the footsteps of such great “old folks are better at stuff than young folks” classics like The Rookie or I dunno, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I guess, Cars 3 has Lightning McQueen trying to show all these young whippersnapper cars that he’s still got the juice. If you’ve been a fan of Owen Wilson bumbling his way through the first two Cars movies, or you have children, enjoy your weekend at the movies.

Rough Night

I was reading an article about how female ensemble raunchy comedies don’t “work” but Hollywood keeps making them, and to the writer of that articles I posit one staggering rhetorical question: tell me again about how Stella got her groove back?

All Eyez on Me

This one made it into my 15 Flicks article as an honorable mention, and while the actor playing Tupac Shakur appears to have captured his essence in every imaginable way, I don’t know why they just didn’t go to the secret country in Africa where the real Tupac lives and snag him for filming.

47 Meters Down

Meters? Not interested.

The Book of Henry

What I was hoping was the prequel to Regarding Henry turned out to be a children’s love story that might be a little bit more nefarious than the trailers let on. Coming to us from the cat running the show for Star Wars: Episode IX and the Jurassic World sequel puts a lot of pressure on a film that would otherwise probably slip past everyone.


It’s difficult to make funnies about a biography delving into the life of an arthritic housekeeper turned beloved painter so… Ethan Hawke is in this.

I, Daniel Blake

Interested in watching a film that sets out to topple the British Conservative party? Tired of all the Brexit talk and furious over that happenings across the pond? Do you like three-legged dogs? Then this, surely, is the film for all five of you.

The Journey

As a fan of the What If? Stories from comic books and a devourer of media that leaves gaps in narrative and lore for fans to fill in, the speculative drama, with reference to historic moments in particular, always fascinates me. This movie sets out to tell the tale of a the short journey Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness, of Northern Ireland infamy, took together that changed the course of their country’s history.