Although Baby Driver came out on 6/28/17, it still counts at new because if you don’t see this movie, you are a dingus. There’s also another Minions Despicable Me movie and a few comedies but I cannot stress it enough; SEE BABY DRIVER.

Despicable Me 3


I’ve really got no problem with these movies, they’ve been decently funny and the I’d be lying if I said that the daddy/daughter stuff in the first one didn’t make me a little misty. What I think is weird is that they continue make more movies. The Minions alone keeps the film financially relevant I guess but are people really geared up to set through another hour and a half of that weird Steve Carell accent?

The House


With Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, arguably two of the most successful form Saturday Night Live cast members, starring in the house, it’s interesting to not they were only in one SNL sketch together and part of the premier ice skating comedy film of all time, Blades of Glory. The premise is hokey and ridiculous, these two are tailor made for that kind of comedy.

Baby Driver


See this movie. I wrote a review, read that after you watch the trailer and just maybe stop reading this at all, we got the page click from you already so just go. Go!

13 Minutes


This movie is about the capture of a man who attempted to assassinate Hitler, but sadly it’s not a zany time travel movie. Also, I think the most recent Transformers movie proved that historically, Hitler was killed by a transforming pocket watch?

The Little Hours


“Have you ever had a fantasy about Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie”, is where I should end that sentence but wait, there’s more! “As a set of emotionally unstable nuns from the Middle Ages?” If so this very specific kink will be shown to you, this weekend, in The Little Hours. Call your mom.


The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography

A documentary about Elsa Dorfman, that secretly delivers the rhetoric of the American Photographic Industrial Complex. Filmmakers have no shame.