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Month: July 2017


Dunkirk, the latest from acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan and the most recent movie to be based on the War that keeps on giving, is an unrivaled spectacle of film making. This visual tour de force covers the 1940 Dunkirk military evacuation from three different perspectives (land, air and sea) and interweaves those viewpoints with Nolan’s signature disjointed timeline to create a somewhat confusing but ultimately run of the mill narrative. This movie doesn’t set out to say as much as it does to show, but what we see as an audience is breathtaking from start to finish.

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The Big Sick

Since its premiere at Sundance, The Big Sick has been a gigantic ball of positive buzz. Based loosely on the story of how star Kumail Nanjiani and his real life wife Emily V. Gordon started their relationship, The Big Sick relies on the comedic talents of Kumail to produce one of the funniest romantic comedies to date, and it does all of this without sacrificing the romantic side of the genre. With all that buzz, it is kind of difficult to lock down exactly what The Big Sick sets out to be. Is it a drama about modern healthcare, a political examination of race and relationships, an attempt to redefine what is it that the American dream has become? Surprisingly, and luckily for audiences; all of the above.

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New In Theaters July 14th 2017

We’re in the midst of the summer movie season but we’ve got a brief breather from the superhero films. Luckily, we’ve got monkeys and horror and comedy and something with Alec Baldwin so… good week?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

So here we are again: another reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. This 3rd live action version in the last 15 years has a lot stacked against it, battling the fatigue that surrounds a film industry hellbent on sticking to remakes, re-tellings and sequels. Luckily, these perceived hurdles end up working in favor of what narratively ends up being the most unique and well made entry into the cinematic history of old web-head!

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Last Wednesday, while I was getting my mind blown by the perfection that was Baby Driver, Netflix released its latest and highly anticipated movie, Okja. Pulled from the creative recesses of the radical mind of Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) Okja sets out to shed light on our global reliance on genetically modified organisms for consumption by introducing us to a friendly, intelligent, computer generated super pig.

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