We’re in the midst of the summer movie season but we’ve got a brief breather from the superhero films. Luckily, we’ve got monkeys and horror and comedy and something with Alec Baldwin so… good week?

War for the Planet of the Apes

In what is believed to be the end of the modern Apes franchise, War sets out to answer the eternal question: what is it good for? Surprisingly, this question will probably be answered by a motion captured Steve Zahn. Wonders never cease.

Wish Upon

From what I can tell, this is a movie that mixes all the worst parts of Ouija and Jumanji and with a Jumanji remake on the way and Ouija languishing in the movies I never plan on seeing category, I can’t imagine this one is worth your time.

The Big Sick

If you’ve been online, particularly Twitter in the last few months, you’ve undoubtedly seen a trailer for this movie. Being a near autobiographical adaptation of the two main stars real life relationship, this movie looks to be one of the more worthwhile romantic comedies in years.

Lady Macbeth

Should I call this Lady “the Scottish play?” Does bad luck transfer from the stage to listicles no one ever reads? This trailer is pretty rad though.

Chasing Coral

Did you get to watch the beautifully shot but ultimately incredibly depressing Chasing Ice a couple of years ago? Well then get ready to feel shitty all over again with Chasing Coral, an Oscar bait-y documentary reminding us how awful we all are to our Mother Earth.


This movie is only 98 minutes long, and I think they kept it that short to trick people into thinking this movie came out in 1998 because based on the cast, trailer and premise, that’s the era where a movie like this would’ve been a blockbuster.