August just refuses to quit! If it wasn’t for knowing how many days there are in a calendar month, I’d be convinced that August isn’t ever going to end. Luckily, there’s a few interesting movies out this week, worthy of a trip to the theaters, unless the impending eclipse has you convinced the end is nigh.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

For those of you who just can’t get enough Ryan Reynolds since he fantastic Deadpool movie, you’re in luck! In this rated R comedy he’s going to fight and shoot guns and curse and make all sorts of jokes that you just know weren’t in the original script. Wait a second…

Logan Lucky

If you’ve been on the internet anytime during this horrendous month, you’ve likely seen ads for this movie a thought to yourself: what is Star Wars man doing with James Bond? And why is he naked but refuses to pronounce that word correctly? Is this a Talladega Nights spin-off?

Patti Cake$

This movie has received a lot of buzz for it’s interesting take on the up and coming rapper story. Think Hustle and Flow but somehow almost the exact opposite, which has some folks frustrated by the perceived appropriation. Honestly though, the only person with a right to be mad about this movie is Ke$ha.


I hope the name of this film doesn’t scare people away from what is becoming an ever more necessary subject to delve into. Gook is a movie that takes a look at a Korean run store during the Rodney King riots. No jokes on this one, folks.


With a name like Lemon, you’d hope this movie and my description of it would be a nice pick-me-up after the previous movie but, alas, this movie is about a dude whose life falls apart after his girlfriend of a decade leaves him. Maybe just… don’t see this one if you’re in a bad spot.

Marjorie Prime

Alright here we go, a movie a creating holographic recreations of… deceased loved ones, COME ON! This one has a good cast though, unless you don’t like Jon Hamm, then maybe skip this chance to see him play the exact same guy he is in everything.

Sidemen: Long Road to Glory

This documentary takes a look at the lives and careers of three of Blues legend Muddy Waters’ band members and their stories about traveling with Muddy, being just outside of the spotlight and building their own lives outside of music. You can bet there will be a lot of really cool interview cameos.

6 Days

The latest in an interesting subcategory of Historic Drama, 6 Days will chronicle the siege and raid of the Iranian Embassy in London during April 1980. Director Toa Fraser is probably best know for his AMC show, Into the Badlands, so at the very least, he knows how to shoot action.

The Adventurers

This movie has Jean Reno in it. It’s probably going to be absolute garbage, maybe not even worthy of background noise on Netflix while you do chores kind of garbage but still… Jean Reno.