First week at the theaters in August and boy oh boy, have the reviews for The Dark Tower been ruff. Talk about the dog days of summer, amiright? Also, I get kidnapped in a movie appropriately named Kidnap. Don’t really have a Dad joke for that one. Commence!

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower was on my movies you have to see in 2017 list and from the outset, I didn’t have any reason to believe that it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Solid casting, good source material, how could it suck? Unfortunately for me, this looks like another Sucker Punch.


When I first saw the trailer for the historic look at the Detroit Riot in 1967, I was immediately interested. Seeing Star Wars hero John Boyega continue to take on dramatic roles is something I have enjoyed and although Detroit looks appropriately dark, it has the making of a very important movie.


Going to the other end of the spectrum but retaining a high level of importance, Step is a documentary following the senior year of a high school step team in inner-city Baltimore. The only snarky thing I have to say about this is that stepping has always felt like Reggaeton to me, it always just sounds the same.

Wind River

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Jeremy Renner as someone with a certain set of skills. I don’t know if there’s a person in Hollywood that has been as typecast as vanilla as Renner has been but here we are. This does take place on an Indian Reservation so that’s cool?

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Finally! Some Romantic comedy in these dreary times.



When Harry Met Sally, of course!


As referenced above, I get kidnapped in this movie. What’s weird is this trailer has been getting a lot of run on YouTube so every time it loads up and I hear Halle Berry screaming my name and get very confused. What happened to you Halle…


This one seems interesting because it’s clearly your standard “people going through similar issues that come from different backgrounds” story but it has an Asian lead and takes place in Ohio, one of the whitest places in America. You go, Harold!