So here it is! The most anticipated week of the century! The week where every DC Stan get’s to stand up and pound their chest and say “SEE! We can make a cinematic universe, too!” Justice League, woo! Anyways, just wait until Coco comes out, save your money.

Justice League

It’s so easy, sooooo easy for me to just sit and bash on this film without even having seen it yet. There’s just something so off and silly about all of the post Nolan DC movies, and the only one that managed to actually charm was the least DC movies of them all (thank you Wonder Woman). I’m sure this will make money and be a spectacle and have a standout star that’s not Batman or Superman but that doesn’t really scream success to me.


Alright listen… I’m sure this is going to be heartwarming. I’m sure it’s going to be sweet and that if I actually went out and saw this, I would probably cry. There’s something universal about being different, and when you see an example so extreme, you find a way to see yourself. Still, I can’t help but think of Mask.

The Star

Here we go, BIG CHRISTMAS trying to force its Christian values on the unsuspecting youth of America! How many times are we gonna get anthropomorphic animal heading out to see JC? The cast seems pretty solid though, so meh.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Denzel! When I’d first heard about this movie, I was interested in what… I perceived to… didn’t this movie come out two weeks ago? I did this one already.


Any movie that doesn’t try and sidestep the intense racism that people dealt with after returning from WWII is okay in my book.

Big Sonia

A documentary about what appears to be the nicest lady in the history of time and the mean people that want to take her three decade old business away from her. Never make jokes about grandmas!

Almost Friends

The synopsis for this movie is a little too real.. So… uhh… hey it’s that kid from Bates Motel, that was a show!

Sweet Virginia

Jon Bernthal is awesome, and he might have limited range as of late but what he does well, he really does well. So if you like rodeos and guys that either whisper or growl and yell and punch stuff, then this strangely titled movie will be right up your alley.

The Crime of Monsieur Lange

This movie is old.

Mr. Roosevelt

Take a lot of guts to direct and star in a movie, and Noel Wells is sure giving it a shot. What’s appears to be set to be a cringe filled comedy, Mr. Roosevelt will play well with the angsty twenty somethings, and the people of Austin Texas that aren’t angsty twenty somethings.