If you read the main menu you know what this is about: reviews, podcasts and videos. But on what topic?

Movies. The topic is movies. Notice all the banner images are stills from movies? They’re from all the movies we’ve reviewed so far on the site in either a written review or podcast. What a fun Easter Egg to put on a website. Keep refreshing the home page so you can see them all and artificially inflate our hit rate.

Why “hard men to please?” Because we have solid-gold taste and it takes a lot to impress us. What else would it mean? Fucking pervert.

Here’s the staff :

  • Adam – Houston
  • Adrian – Albuquerque
  • Anthony – Providence
  • Derrick – Houston
  • Ethan – Austin
  • Frankie – Portland
  • Jared – Salt Lake City
  • Jordan – Detroit

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