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15 Flicks You Gotta See in 2018

Hey nerds, it’s your favorite time of year again! We’re in the midst of listicle season but where most of you are looking back upon the year that was in “cinema” I endeavor on, hoping to pop a few future gems your way among an overall list that will most assuredly feature at least three movies from Disney. Are you intrigued? Have you already gone back and looked at last year’s list to see how totally right I was about everything? What, you didn’t like The Dark Tower?

Me either.

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New In Theaters November 3rd 2017

Take heart friends; the third and final movie push of the year is upon us. With the majority of the movie industry shifting towards spectacle, the blockbusters aren’t locked into the Summer window any longer, but don’t sleep on movies being dropped just in time for “your consideration.”

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Stranger Things: That One Episode

Up front, I want to say that I absolutely adore Stranger Things. It does this weird thing, in that it generates a feeling of nostalgia for a childhood that a) I didn’t really have and/or b) I only feel like I had because of all the movie and TV references it makes. Not that I wasn’t a miscreant, riding bikes all over creation and cursing profusely, but that Middle America, Stephen King style township and the surrounding geography abound were hard to come by in Florida. Still, it’s difficult to not see yourself and your friends in the Stranger Things kids, which I think is a huge part of the overall charm.

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New In Theaters September 1st 2017

Woof. We’re definitely in the doldrums to start off the month of September folks… there’s a decent amount of limited release films this week and let me tell yah, not a lot of winners. I think, and I’m no expert, but I genuinely believe that you should just miss the week at the theater, even the Close Encounters of the Third Kind Re-release. 

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The Defenders

Much like their cinematic counterparts, the Marvel produced Netflix shows have been barreling towards a shared universe since their inception. Beginning with Daredevil in April of 2015, the collective has seen five total seasons of TV dedicated to the four members of the Defenders, with the latest being our introduction to Iron Fist in March of this year. While the majority of the universe has garnered commercial and critical praise, with the first season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage all being seen as well made shows, a lot of what plagued the much maligned Iron Fist, along with the major pitfalls of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), crept into the eight part Defenders mini series, keeping it from being the coup viewers, and Marvel alike, were hoping it would be.

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New In Theaters August 18th 2017

August just refuses to quit! If it wasn’t for knowing how many days there are in a calendar month, I’d be convinced that August isn’t ever going to end. Luckily, there’s a few interesting movies out this week, worthy of a trip to the theaters, unless the impending eclipse has you convinced the end is nigh.

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New In Theaters August 4th 2017

First week at the theaters in August and boy oh boy, have the reviews for The Dark Tower been ruff. Talk about the dog days of summer, amiright? Also, I get kidnapped in a movie appropriately named Kidnap. Don’t really have a Dad joke for that one. Commence!

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New In Theaters July 14th 2017

We’re in the midst of the summer movie season but we’ve got a brief breather from the superhero films. Luckily, we’ve got monkeys and horror and comedy and something with Alec Baldwin so… good week?

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New In Theaters June 30th 2017

Although Baby Driver came out on 6/28/17, it still counts at new because if you don’t see this movie, you are a dingus. There’s also another Minions Despicable Me movie and a few comedies but I cannot stress it enough; SEE BABY DRIVER.

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New In Theaters June 16th 2017

There’s a Pixar movie this week! I’m a fan of any Pixar movie that’s released because it gives the lads over at Asterixar another podcast to recor… wait, this is a Cars movie? The third one?! How is that possible.

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