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New In Theaters June 2nd 2017

Although the unofficial start of the summer blockbuster movie season kicked of with the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, June hits us with franchise installments and tent-pole films, week after week. And what better way to start off the month of June than with Captain Underpants and a Latino remake of the 3 Idiots.

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New In Theaters May 19th 2017

Sadly, there’s no holiday to make fun of, or change in season to reference for this week at the movies. Happily, I’m still very pleased about having seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 a hand full of times since it came out. On everything that’s coming out this week however, I’m aggressively neutral.

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New In Theaters May 5th 2017

Hey! It’s Cinco De Mayo! The American tradition of celebrating appropriation of yet another people’s day of celebration as an excuse to get beyond wasted. Looking at you, anyone who has a Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt. So get ready to sneak some beers into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 because that’s really the only thing worth seeing that’s out this week.

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New In Theaters 4/28/17

Not too much happening in theaters this week. Emma Watson stars in a movie about circles or something, Lionsgate counts on the Hispanic audience keeping their turd afloat, and a couple smaller releases that maybe someone somewhere could possibly want to see (but probably not).

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New In Theaters 4/21/17

There’s a lot coming out this week folks… and none of it looks particularly good. We’ve got some limited release movies from last year making their way to screens, an awards bait film that’s coming out way too early in the year and another beautifully shot nature documentary that is once again narrated by… Jim from the office? Just another case of an unqualified white man taking over a job vacated by a charismatic black man.

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New In Theaters 3/31/17

As we close out a surprisingly enjoyable month at the movies, March saved arguably the worst for last. The movie that’s most likely to bring in the biggest amount of money is a weirdly timed story about a human with seemingly deficient faculties being placed in a seat of power. There’s also a movie that’s incredibly racially insensitive, depending on who you talk to. And possibly the most egregious, a movie about fighting Nazis disguised as a heartfelt romp in a zoo. I see what you’re doing, March 31st.

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New In Theaters 3/24/17

“I know you don’t respect me.. you got every right not to. Respect God! Respect your mother.”

This and other memorable lines will be delivered this week in theaters, so make sure to get out there! But first, take a quick peek at what you can expect to see.

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Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the latest entry into Netflix and Marvel’s collaborative effort to bring us the stories of Marvel’s street level heroes. Following in the footsteps of what many have seen as the progressively better outings in Daredevil, Jessica Jones and most recently Luke Cage, Iron Fist had a huge legacy to live up to. With a pre-production black eye in what critics see as just the latest mishandling by Marvel of its Asian-influenced heroes, a main character that tests the limits of fans’ obscurity tolerance, and a cast devoid of overall star power, Iron Fist was bound to struggle. There are redeeming qualities to this series, but a lot of content you’d expect out of a show that introduces you to a man that refers to himself as a living weapon isn’t there. If you’re a fan of what Marvel’s done in this medium already and you’re excited to learn a little more about the last addition to the impending Defenders series, Iron Fist is a great binge. But there are a lot of flaws to this show, most of which I think could’ve been avoided.

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Get Out

Imagine a world where the leader of the free world is a white supremacist’s wet dream but the hottest movie in that same country is rife with evil whiteys. It shouldn’t be that hard because it’s the world you are currently living in. The reason Get Out, the directorial debut of Jordan Peele, has captured the hearts of Americans is the way it offers a fresh take on the never ending struggles with human racism. Although it was written during the Obama administration when many people thought America was reaching a moment of great progressions, Get Out resonates much more in these past few months when the scope of discrimination in modern times has been brought to the forefront. It’s a lot to tackle in a single movie but with its perfect execution of satirical horror, Get Out gets it done.

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New In Theaters 03/17/17

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I can’t think of a better way to avoid the insensitive and overt cultural appropriation that this Friday is going to bestow upon us all than running into your nearest theater for some of these ‘gems’.

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