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The correct Martin Scorsese analog to Joker is not Taxi Driver but The Last Temptation of Christ—an aggressive deconstruction of a widely-known character prone to constant media re-imaginings. In both films, we are asked to believe that our squirrelly weirdo protagonist will ultimately become the larger-than-life figure we know so well. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix largely succeed in creating something more cinema than theme park, though the Last Temptation comparison ends there.

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New In Theaters November 17th 2017

So here it is! The most anticipated week of the century! The week where every DC Stan get’s to stand up and pound their chest and say “SEE! We can make a cinematic universe, too!” Justice League, woo! Anyways, just wait until Coco comes out, save your money.

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New In Theaters 4/7/17

There are SO MANY movies coming out this week. Most of them are only in select cities and/or on streaming services. Rest assured, I skimmed through all of these trailers and if you don’t see any of these films you’ll probably be alright.

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