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Episode 26 – Sundance 2017 Day Two

Second day of Sundance 2017, featuring Southern coming of age story Dayveon, nun comedy The Little Hours, and Australian survival thriller Killing Ground.

Episode 25 – Sundance 2017 Day One

First of our nightly live Sundance recaps. This time on Amanda Kernell’s Sami Blood and Julia Decourau’s Raw, two foreign films that explore young women struggling through drastic life changes and humans treated as animals. But only one has a hefty dose of grossout cannibal camp.

Episode 24 – Frankie’s Fifteen Flicks

The always charming, racially-ambiguous Frankie returns to guide the Hard Boys through the 15 must-see flicks on every nerd’s calendar for 2017.

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Episode 23 – End of Year Zero

In a fourth-wall-breaking mindfuck we bring you, the Listener, to look back at the movies of 2016 and answer whether it was worth starting a podcast about them.

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Episode 22 – Gimme Those Star Wars, Don’t Let Them End

Taking our cue from Rogue One, we assemble our own gaggle of misfit freaks to take on the latest superweapon of the Disney Empire. The return of Frankie and Anthony make this our biggest cast yet and a long one to boot, so here are the time jumps:

  • 2:15 – The Ghost of Star Wars Past and expectations coming into Rogue One.
  • 17:00 – Rogue One credits (and immediate Godzilla tangent).
  • 20:20 – Checklist of Frankie’s “Rogue One: What I Don’t Want to See!” video from the first Rogue One and whether the final product passes the test.
  •  37:15 – Is Rogue One the best war movie in years? And other questions to which the answer is “no.” General review arguing from here on out.

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Episode 21 – The Horniest Story Ever Told

When it comes to the gratuitous nudity, there’s a lot to cover. This amazing joke and more as we cover Paul Verhoeven’s new French film Elle and his classic sex-thriller Basic Instinct.

Also, we reveal the greatest movie trivia in film history and the obscure Alan Thicke movie we will, unfortunately, always remember him for. RIP Mr. Thicke.

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Episode 20 – Westworld Is Bestworld

If you die in Westworld, you die in real life. If you have gay sex in Westworld, you’re still not gay in real life. These and other dizzying complexities of Nolan The Younger’s Westworld discussed in crystal-clear audio.

First podcast appearance of Anthony.

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Episode 19 – Raccoons and Badgers

Because, raccoons are nocturnal animals, and Max Cady badgers his former attorney in Cape Fear. Also on the menu: bad Southern accents, and the mystery of why Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer keep getting work as film actors.

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Episode 18 – All The Old Dudes

Is it Chan-wook Park or Park Chan-wook? How good is Chan-wook’s latest, The Handmaiden? And how fucking good is his 2003 classic, Oldboy? (Rhetorical question.)

Special appearance by the Script Doctor, who promises a sure-fire fix to Oldboy‘s only screenplay flaw.


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Episode 17 – Is The Squid Who Is Tall Boring?

The Hard Boys have cornered the market of Not Enjoying Arrival, that movie where two-dimensional characters wade through a nonsense plot to a morally abhorrent resolution played like Hallmark schmaltz, which everyone unaccountably loves.

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