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Asterixar Retrospective

We’ve reached the end of our journey and the Asterixar crew is taking a look back on where we’ve been. We’ll discuss the best and worst that Pixar has to offer along with the definitive rankings of all the features. All that plus some Asterixar specific rankings from all the content we’ve covered. It’s been a wild ride full of laughter and tears but all good things must end. Maybe we’ll meet again in the future but for now, so long partners!

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Cars 3

Life’s a beach and then you drive! That nonsensical motto sums up Cars 3 perfectly. Come join the Asterixar pit crew as we break down a needless sequel to a needless franchise. Plus we get into talks about Larry the Cable Guy’s saved mp3 files and the return of Johnny English! It’s our last Pixar movie to discuss for a long time so enjoy it while you can. Shout out to Humpy Wheeler!

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Incredibles 2

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Asterixer Men back to talk about Incredibles 2! We’re joined by Geekstrum’s Frankie to talk about the latest and greatest installment in the super franchise. We also touch on some of the themes of the movie like toxic masculinity/fandom and living in a world of stunted adolescence. With all that we still find time to talk about alien octopuses and what a transistor even is. But don’t worry, we talk about the adorable Bao short at the end. This episode has it all!

[Spoilers at 24 minutes. Bao talk at 1:15]

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Shorts #10

In what looks like our final pair of shorts for the foreseeable future, the Asterixar Bunch goes out with a bang. We break down 2017’s Oscar nominated Lou and the various toys we got from our dentists growing up. After that we get into the new attractions opening this summer at Disneyland for Pixar Pier along with some additions we’d like to see. The shorts may be over but our love for them will never die!

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Finding Dory

We’re finding our way back for a look at Finding Dory with a return of our dear friend Chelsea! She’s joining the gang to discuss clumsy whales, husband crabs, and busted birds. All that plus an ending that may have been a bit too much. Don’t forget to give it a listen!

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Shorts #9

This time we’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel to bring you another pair of feature related shorts! We have Mater and the Ghostlight (2006) and Your Friend the Rat (2007). One is absolutely awful and the other is about rats so we’ll let you figure it out. Come help the Asterixar boys get through this because we can see the (ghost)light at the end of the tunnel!

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The Good Dinosaur

The Asterixar cave boys are back to bring you their meteoric take on 2015’s The Good Dinosaur. We’ve got farming dinos, herding dinos, hippy dinos, zealot dinos, and Sam Elliot dinos! Come on down and make your mark with us!

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Shorts #8

Come warm your cockles with a new pair of shorts! This time we’re chatting about Mike’s New Car (2002) and Jack-Jack Attack (2005). We’ll get into car talk, baby talk, and an impromptu Ratzenberger Report! Plus at the end there’s a tease of something special in the works. Come on down to Asterixar town!

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Inside Out

Straight from the headquarters, the Asterixar boys are broadcasting a brand new pod for 2015’s Inside Out! There’ll be talk of how to properly deal with your emotions, embarrassing childhood experiences, and whether or not random boners is still a thing. All that good plus an extra long Ratzenberger report on this banger of an episode!

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Monsters University

On a very special Asterixar podcast, we discuss John Lasseter (chief creative officer) taking a leave of absence from Pixar before we get into the meat of Monsters University. Plus the debut of a brand new segment: The Ratzenberger Report. Come hear us give it the ole college try!

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