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Episode 13 – The Nightman Cometh

We get our first corporate sponsor with Ambien and celebrate by tackling 3 movies about insomnia. Horror classic A Nightmare On Elm Street vs. its 2010 brain damaged clone. Guess which one was better.

Also a short chat about The Babadook, the horror movie adaptation of someone griping about parenting for two hours.

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Episode 12 – Better Zed Than Dead

Romero vs Snyder in a Dawn of the Dead matchup. It’s gonna be close because neither movie sucks very much at all. Other questions: have there been any good zombie movies since Snyder’s remake, and and which film boasted the hardest man?

First appearance of longtime zombie fanatic Adrian.

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Episode 11 – Witchy Witchy White Women

Spoiler-free review of Blair Witch that is basically a live Genius annotation of Bloody Disgusting’s cringey and ethically dubious review.

Then, an explosive argument over The Blair Witch Project vs. Blair Witch wherein Jared threatens to end the podcast over how much he hates the original and anybody who has ever enjoyed it.

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Episode 10 – Seventy-Seven Magnificent Samurai

The Magnificent Seven remake vs. the 1960 classic vs. Seven Samurai, the movie that started it all. Can Chris Pratt’s goofy charm match up to the likes of Yul Brynner and Toshirô Mifune?

Fuck no, but listen anyway.

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