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The heroic Asterixar clan is here to explore the Scottish highlands and break down 2012’s Brave. Come learn all there is to know about Scottish fauna, tartans, and dead languages in this highly educational and hilarious episode!

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Asterixar Shorts #7

The Asterixar funky bunch is rolling with the punches and bringing you a pivot from left field! We’re still coming with a breakdown of the adorable “Piper” but in lieu of “Lou” we’re bringing you a mystery short. Come have a listen and find out what it is!

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Toy Story 3

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and Pixar making movies about anthropomorphic toys. Toy Story 3 is easily the heaviest in the series to date so get ready for a discussion about what lies beyond this ethereal plane for men of plastic and flesh. The Two Asterixar Crew is here to guide you towards the light so close your eyes and accept the inevitable!

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Wall E

Don’t forget to recycle and don’t forget listen to the Asterixar podcasting units break down the wonderful world of Wall E. Plus we find out who really eats at Panda Express! What more could you ask for?!

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Asterixar Shorts #1

The universe is expanding and the Aster Gang is checking in on the Pixar shorts. First off is Geri’s Game where we learn getting senile can be fun and For The Bird’s, that shows the dangers of being a “sizeist.” Drop on in for this quickie and enjoy the ride!

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Toy Story

The quest to reevaluate every Pixar film begins with 1995’s Toy Story. Is it a masterpiece, or is that the nostalgia talking?

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