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Episode 22 – Gimme Those Star Wars, Don’t Let Them End

Episode 22 - Gimme Those Star Wars, Don't Let Them End

Taking our cue from Rogue One, we assemble our own gaggle of misfit freaks to take on the latest superweapon of the Disney Empire. The return of Frankie and Anthony make this our biggest cast yet and a long one to boot, so here are the time jumps:

  • 2:15 – The Ghost of Star Wars Past and expectations coming into Rogue One.
  • 17:00 – Rogue One credits (and immediate Godzilla tangent).
  • 20:20 – Checklist of Frankie’s “Rogue One: What I Don’t Want to See!” video from the first Rogue One and whether the final product passes the test.
  •  37:15 – Is Rogue One the best war movie in years? And other questions to which the answer is “no.” General review arguing from here on out.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Wait, didn’t we just have a Star Wars movie last year? I’m apparently now old enough to complain to youths about how long I had to wait for new Star Wars the way parents complain to me about not having had the Internet in the ‘40s. Disney, the current proprietors of the Star Wars franchise, are set to give us saga films (read: the ones with those pesky roman numerals) on odd years, and a nice side story film on evens. Market saturation think piece aside, myself and countless nerds across the land have struggled with the all of the sudden nature of a series that has gone through two hibernation periods, 16 years and 10 years respectively. But who cares about my emotional turmoil over what is essentially an embarrassment of riches, you guys just want to know if this movie is worth seeing, and the answer to that is a resounding yes. But I do have some quibbles.

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