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Directed by Pedro Morelli
Written by Matt Hansen
Starring Alison Pill, Gael Garcia Bernal, Mariana Ximenes

I sometimes get hung up on a movie’s core concept and weigh the entire film based on how much it lives up to its premise. I was disappointed in both Reservoir Dogs and The Departed at first—despite being well-directed, well-acted movies that tell an engaging story well, I was left wanting more tense cat-and-mouse games of an undercover cop evading suspicion, like you get in Donnie Brasco. Zoom leaves me with the same sense of want, and I’m not sure if that’s another miss on my part or not.

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Episode 9 – Mundane Secrets of the Hard Men Brotherhood

Episode 9 - Mundane Secrets of the Hard Men Brotherhood

Retro talk about Spielberg’s most overrated film, E.T. New-on-Amazon review of Pedro Morelli mind-bender Zoom, starring Alison Pill, Gael García Bernal, and Mariana Ximenes.

And finally, the shocking reveal of the insane, twisted secrets behind the podcast’s origins.

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