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Shorts #10

In what looks like our final pair of shorts for the foreseeable future, the Asterixar Bunch goes out with a bang. We break down 2017’s Oscar nominated Lou and the various toys we got from our dentists growing up. After that we get into the new attractions opening this summer at Disneyland for Pixar Pier along with some additions we’d like to see. The shorts may be over but our love for them will never die!

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Shorts #9

This time we’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel to bring you another pair of feature related shorts! We have Mater and the Ghostlight (2006) and Your Friend the Rat (2007). One is absolutely awful and the other is about rats so we’ll let you figure it out. Come help the Asterixar boys get through this because we can see the (ghost)light at the end of the tunnel!

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Shorts #8

Come warm your cockles with a new pair of shorts! This time we’re chatting about Mike’s New Car (2002) and Jack-Jack Attack (2005). We’ll get into car talk, baby talk, and an impromptu Ratzenberger Report! Plus at the end there’s a tease of something special in the works. Come on down to Asterixar town!

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Asterixar Shorts #4

Another pair of hot shot shorts to keep you warm on lonely nights. The rowdy rixar rabble is talking about Partly Cloudy and Day & Night, two Pixar shorts worth checking out. In fact, Day & Night may be the best one ever!!! Plus we get to the bottom of cranes vs. storks; natures greatest debate. Come have a listen!

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