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Geekstrum #11 – Two Men and a Wookiee

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, we welcome Scott into the strummers fold and also find a way to somehow only talk about a new Star Wars movie for two hours… for the second consecutive pod. Shocking no one at all, Geekstrum is back from a totally planned “hiatus” to bombard you with nonstop rambling about everything from poorly defining pansexual to shinning a light on the upcoming Detective Pikachu film.

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15 Flicks You Gotta See in 2018

Hey nerds, it’s your favorite time of year again! We’re in the midst of listicle season but where most of you are looking back upon the year that was in “cinema” I endeavor on, hoping to pop a few future gems your way among an overall list that will most assuredly feature at least three movies from Disney. Are you intrigued? Have you already gone back and looked at last year’s list to see how totally right I was about everything? What, you didn’t like The Dark Tower?

Me either.

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