Tag: Sundance 2017

Episode 27 – Sundance 2017 Day Three

The final act of a three-part saga of live Sundance 2017 podcasts. This time: Chinese con man comedy Free and Easy, Western murder drama Wind River, and whatever the fuck Axolotl Overkill is supposed to be.

Episode 26 – Sundance 2017 Day Two

Second day of Sundance 2017, featuring Southern coming of age story Dayveon, nun comedy The Little Hours, and Australian survival thriller Killing Ground.

Episode 25 – Sundance 2017 Day One

First of our nightly live Sundance recaps. This time on Amanda Kernell’s Sami Blood and Julia Decourau’s Raw, two foreign films that explore young women struggling through drastic life changes and humans treated as animals. But only one has a hefty dose of grossout cannibal camp.

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