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Geekstrum #9 – 2 Strange 2 Thingious

In this edition of the Geekstrum podcast, we welcome Cuji into what is the longest, strongest and down the get the friction one-est Podcast to date. We know it’s a week or two late but listen to us ramble about Stranger Things 2.

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Stranger Things: That One Episode

Up front, I want to say that I absolutely adore Stranger Things. It does this weird thing, in that it generates a feeling of nostalgia for a childhood that a) I didn’t really have and/or b) I only feel like I had because of all the movie and TV references it makes. Not that I wasn’t a miscreant, riding bikes all over creation and cursing profusely, but that Middle America, Stephen King style township and the surrounding geography abound were hard to come by in Florida. Still, it’s difficult to not see yourself and your friends in the Stranger Things kids, which I think is a huge part of the overall charm.

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