Woof. We’re definitely in the doldrums to start off the month of September folks… there’s a decent amount of limited release films this week and let me tell yah, not a lot of winners. I think, and I’m no expert, but I genuinely believe that you should just miss the week at the theater, even the Close Encounters of the Third Kind Re-release. 

Tulip Fever

Just your classic, falling-in-love-with-the-woman-you’ve-been-hired-to-paint scenario. I mean, come on, how many of these types of movie can they make?


The only thing more surprising about how generic this CIA investigation goes wrong plot is that somehow, Orlando Bloom is in this? Guess that Pirates money has already dried up.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Bum Bum Bum Bum…


The biographic documentary about Dolores Huerta delves into her bucking gender conventions to stand along side fellow activist Cesar Chavez in the ’50s farm strikes. This woman had an amazingly difficult life and I’d actually really like to see this so maybe check this one out if you’re desperate to be in a theater.

Viceroy’s House

X Files lady and professor Dumbledore go on a radical journey while India is establishing its independence from tyrannical imperialistic Britain. FUN!

Do It Like An Hombre

The only reason I’m keeping the snark down about this one is that it sets out to tackle the difficulty of coming out in communities of color, a very important subject matter that deserves attention. However, the name is terrible.

The Teacher

This movie seems like what it would be like if Dolores Umbridge was real and also teaching in a Communist controlled country.


This is most assuredly the next great Japanese Horror film ready to be adapted and brought to an American audience. You heard it here first!


Stephen Dorff is still getting work, huh?

I Do… Until I Don’t

Men are like this… Women are like this…