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Author: Derrick

New In Theaters 4/28/17

Not too much happening in theaters this week. Emma Watson stars in a movie about circles or something, Lionsgate counts on the Hispanic audience keeping their turd afloat, and a couple smaller releases that maybe someone somewhere could possibly want to see (but probably not).

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New In Theaters 4/7/17

There are SO MANY movies coming out this week. Most of them are only in select cities and/or on streaming services. Rest assured, I skimmed through all of these trailers and if you don’t see any of these films you’ll probably be alright.

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New In Theaters 3/24/17

“I know you don’t respect me.. you got every right not to. Respect God! Respect your mother.”

This and other memorable lines will be delivered this week in theaters, so make sure to get out there! But first, take a quick peek at what you can expect to see.

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New In Theaters 12/16/16

It’s two weeks before Christmas, and baby Jesus (and/or Santa) have delivered unto us some more films. There’s that Star Wars one, a couple depressing (but ultimately redeeming) ones, and an “oh shit 2016 is almost over let’s shove this out the door now” one.

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New In Theaters 12/9/16

Hello and welcome to another week of mostly bad looking films. Next week is that Star Wars thing though, let’s just think about that!

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New In Theaters 12/2/16

We’re in that barren wasteland of movie releases: after thanksgiving and before Christmas. This week we have two wide releases that probably nobody really wants to see and three smaller films that nobody will get to see. Let’s get started!

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New Releases 11/18/16

J.K. Rowling digs through her old Harry Potter notes! Teenagers go through teenager things! Probably-Oscar nominees! John Travolta! A cat! All this and more, in this week’s new releases.

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New Releases 11/4/16

Welcome to the unlikely return of the feature where I watch trailers for all the movies coming out this week and make unfair judgments based on said trailers using my invaluable years of movie and trailer watching experience.

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